Men's PMT Rain Suit



Currently SOLD OUT – Available late Winter

Mens PMT Rain Jacket

This waterproof jacket allows for great mobility. The material is soft and quiet, constructed of a fine denier nylon making it lightweight and breathable allowing for maximum comfort and regulating your core body temperature relative to the outside climate.


-Both the material and construction is made from a three layer 100% Nylon material with a DWR finish.

-The middle layer is a waterproof breathable membrane.

-The inner layer is 100% Nylon with wicking technology. The membrane allows body moisture to escape but prevents external moisture from penetrating, keeping the golfer dry and comfortable.

-Two waterproof zipper pockets.

-Ergonomically tailored jacket that keeps the rain and wind out when you are squatting or bending.

-A high degree of functionality and comfort.

-Easy care: Wash and dry no iron


100% Nylon with a DWR finish and waterproof membrane


Mens PMT Rain Trousers 

It is our humble opinion that these are the best fitting rain trousers on the market. They feature incredible stretch and movement and are made from a soft and quiet fine denier nylon that is both lightweight and breathable. These rain trousers are so comfortable that they can even be worn as athletic pants.


-3 layer fabric with a breathable waterproof membrane.

-Soft hand feel .and quiet

-Comfortable elastic inner waist band.

-Two generous waterproof side pockets.

-Waterproof zipper back pocket

-A zip front elastic waist band.

-Waterproof Zippered Cuffs that feature extra long openings for ease of putting on and taking off over your shoes.

-Easy care: Wash and dry with no ironing needed


100% Fine Denier Nylon 

DWR Finish