About Us


Category Fore is the vision of two brothers, bonded by a passion for golf and a shared interest in elevating the playing experience for all lovers of the game, not just the ones who can afford it. 

When it comes to weather, golfers rarely choose the conditions that we play in. We persevere by layering up and braving whatever comes our way. Most golfers are encumbered by heavy, ill fitted and overly expensive rain gear. We’ve become used to having our gear get wet when it rains.

Category Fore is here to completely overhaul the current state of golf weather wear and waterproof equipment. Category Fore golf equipment fuses clean design, premium components and functionality to create superior waterproof golf bags, accessories, and grips. Coming soon, Category Fore apparel will combine cutting edge technology with a style centric philosophy to provide you with the highest quality and most affordable weather resistant gear on the market today. 

At Category Fore, our mission is to keep golfers stylishly comfortable and always playing dry. 




If we had our way, the bag we would carry, or strap onto a cart, would be weather neutral.  Face it, we are golfers, and being addicted to this game, we will play in just about any kind of weather, including drizzle, light rain, maybe even a sudden downpour. But we have enough to think about on the course, the last thing we want to worry about is us and our clubs/grips getting soaking wet.  

Imagine it is a Saturday. You have waited all week to play golf and it starts raining.  Do you leave just because of a little rain?  No, like us, you hang in there.  You brave it.   You play thru.

You go on vacation and bring your sticks.  As it happens, the one day you plan to play golf, it is raining.  Does that stop you from playing?  No, again you and your clubs are getting wet.

Finally, you get to go on that bucket list trip to Scotland, Florida, or Oregon. Just to let you in on a secret, it is going to rain sometime when you are there.  Even so, we know what you are going to do. We have been there; clubs drying on the floor, gloves on a bathroom towel, golf balls rolling around.  None of it is fun, but worse, consider this, you might have to do it all again tomorrow.

So, if you said “I don’t need a waterproof bag, I never play in the rain”, you might want to think again.




At Category Fore we believe that golfers don’t have to break the bank to own high quality waterproof apparel and equipment. To achieve better value, we by-pass the middleman entirely, opting instead to sell our products directly to the customer via our website,  That is how Category Fore is able to offer you a growing line of innovative products, each of which has been manufactured using the best materials, constructed with a discerning attention to quality and detail, and delivered at an unbeatable price.