Frequently Asked Questions:


Do the 14-way dividers on the Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bags extend to the bottom of the bag?

Yes they do!


Are the dividers on the Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag large enough to fit oversized putter grips?

Our 2 original Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag color ways (Carbon/Red & Gray/Blue) contain a 14-way divider that supports jumbo putter grips, but not supersized grips such as SuperStroke grips or those of a similar size. The Torrent 14 Born Lucky, Patriot, Carbon/Vivid Green, and Gray/Orange color ways contain an improved 14-way divider that features a center slot capable of supporting supersized grips.


Why does my Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag have a slot to the right of the handle?

The slot is a cart strap support channel that extends through the large side pocket. With this system, straps can be guided through the slot of the bag so that the side pocket is not blocked or folded in. We are working on a strap insert to highlight this feature!


How many Beverages can fit into the cooler pocket of the Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag?

You can fit approximately 6 12 oz. containers in the cooler bag, size and shape depending. We do not recommend overfilling the cooler pocket with ice or beverages as it can put too much strain on the weatherproof zipper. 


Do you offer customization on the Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag?

We are working on offering this feature very soon. Right now we do not offer bag customizations.


Can I order a Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag if I live in Hawaii or Alaska?

You may order a golf bag to Hawaii or Alaska. However, we are unable to provide free shipping outside of the Continental US at the moment. To have your bag shipped to Hawaii or Alaska, you will receive a shipping invoice via Paypal within 24 hours of your order being placed. We are unable to provide an accurate shipping rate estimate until the time of purchase.


Why am I unable to expedite shipping on my Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag?

We offer a flat shipping rate through UPS Ground in order to pass the savings on to you through free shipping in the continental US.


Why do the legs flex on my Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag?

This is completely normal.  Our hybrid bags have a cart bag base.  The kickstand mechanism on the bag is all internal which allows the bag to sit flat on either a cart or a trolley (pushcart). When the legs are fully extended, the base of the bag will fold or flex to accommodate the kickstand.